which applications drain the battery of your smartphone the most?

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How to analyze the consumption of the battery on an Android smartphone and optimize the autonomy according to the energy consuming applications? Every minute gained on the endurance time is good to take, knowing that very few smartphones can hold a day in case of relatively intensive use.

 Applications that drain battery

It’s a long time ago when the battery of cell phones could last several days, the time when we could drop them without fearing to take them back with a Broken screen or sequels that stain.The smartphones may be more powerful and able to do almost anything that could want them, we still prefer the old time just for the aspects of resistance and autonomy. to extend a few minutes or even hours

battery autonomy can be valuable.

Which applications drain the battery of your smartphone the most?

Android lets you know which applications or system components are the most power hungry. All you have to do is go to Settings. Under the “Device” section, identify and press “Battery”. The location may vary depending on the builder overlay. The simplest thing is to make use of the search bar.

In the battery menu you will normally see the list of applications that drain the battery the most . If this is not the case, there should be a “Battery Usage” link to display the list of applications or system components.

The display shows only the applications that have drained the battery the most since the last full charge . If you have just recharged your smartphone or tablet, what is displayed will not be very useful. Ideally, you will want to check this screen when the percentage of the battery is low to get a better idea of what the battery requires most.

The most energy-consuming applications are usually the ones you use the most: social networks (Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), Android games, email applications or email management, streaming applications (YouTube, Netflix, Spotify …), browsers, between other. Some are much more greedy than others and will tend to display high percentages although you use them very little.

But apart from applications, what drains most the battery, it is the hardware and system components: the OS itself, Google services, screen, network antenna / 4G, WiFi, processor, GPS, etc.

How to save your battery smartphone?

The most obvious: activate the energy saving mode if you are really out of battery. It will limit the performance of your device, vibration feedback, localization services, but also limit applications that run in the background. Alternatively, you can take things in hand by disabling WiFi when using 4G (or vice versa), GPS or Bluetooth.

The screen is the most energy-consuming component. And as you probably already know, to reduce its impact on the battery, you can lower the brightness even further after unchecking the automatic adjustment. This simple action will have an effect not least.

The Android Doze Function

Since Android 6.0 marshmallow, Google has introduced a new battery saver directly integrated into the system. It promises energy savings of up to 30%. Doze only deploys when the device enters sleep. The most energy-consuming features are then disabled: scanning Wi-Fi networks, synchronization and access to the network, looking for updates, etc. ..

Small optimizations that can extend the autonomy when you don ‘ do not use your smartphone. And the most interesting thing is that you have nothing to do. The feature is native and runs without intervention. And finally, there are also the applications of the Play Store that promise optimal management of battery life. Most of them are relatively effective if they are not counterproductive. Greenify is one of the best solutions in this field.

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