Twitter uses machine learning to crop photos

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Since 2011, Twitter offers the opportunity to share photos on its social network. Millions of snapshots are shared each day, in very different sizes, and this is a major challenge for the platform that must adapt its user interface (UI) to these formats. This is even more true when you put a picture online and that Twitter makes a frame on a totally unsuitable place.

Previously, Twitter used a tool to spot faces on photos and thus make a correct frame, but this approach has its limits. All images do not have people on it, and sometimes even the tool misses its frames. Today, the social network announces the implementation of a solution to reframe the photos thanks to the machine learning and thus do not miss any cut.

 Twitter cutting photo machine learning
Left: how Twitter framed the images before. the new system to frame the photos.

The tool to which the social network has not given a name now focuses on the highlights of a photo. This means that it will define an area that one person might observe more than another. According to studies conducted, we mainly look at people, their faces, text elements, animals, as well as objects, or elements with a strong contrast. These data were used to feed the artificial intelligence that will be responsible for reframing our photos on Twitter.

 IA photo Twitter
Examples of key areas identified by the robot.

Other techniques have been incorporated to make cropping faster on Twitter. In this way, the system operates 10 times faster thanks to an optimization of the resources used on the servers. Thanks to this the identification of the important zones and the setting up of the new frame are done in real time.

Twitter announced that this solution was currently being rolled out and that we should all be able to quickly benefit from it, whether on iOS, Android, or from the social networking website.

 twitter tool crop image

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