Snapchat formalizes sharing of stories outside the application

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Snapchat opens to the web: stories can now be shared outside the app. Will this novelty attract new users?

Share a story Snapchat

For the moment, only certain stories are compatible with sharing: official stories, reserved for celebrities and influencers ( official stories ), stories visible in Snapchat search geolocated stories ( our story ) and publishers’ stories on Discover. To share a story, just click on the story card and click on Sharing the Story .

You can send a story by email, via your application email or get the story link to copy and paste elsewhere.

Note that story sharing is only available to users who benefit from the new version of Snapchat ]presented end of November 2017. Snap specifies that the deployment will continue in the coming weeks, on iOS and Android.

Shared stories are hosted on the website of Snapchat. A video player is integrated so you can view a story without the application. Whether your interlocutor is on computer or mobile, and whether or not the application is installed on his smartphone, he can in all cases view a shared story.

Embed a story on a website (30 days maximum)

In addition to sending stories outside of Snapchat, the media will be able to embed stories on their websites (embed). It will be enough to go on a story hosted on to recover the code. Note that the stories will be available for 30 days, apart from Snapchat, before finally disappearing.

Snapchat finally opens to the web

Content sharing outside platforms is a platforms to highlight the content that is shared. Like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat finally allows content to be accessible on the web. This is good news for creators, who can increase the visibility of their snaps. It is also and especially an axis of strategic development for Snap, who will be able to show to those who do not know or do not use Snaphat the interest of this application.

And no offense to some users, it is no coincidence that Snapchat has decided to allow sharing only official stories and those generated via the UGC (Our Story). The application probably did not want all the public stories, more or less qualitative, to be found instantly on the web.

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