Snapchat: 3 seconds before skipper advertising

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Between Snapchat and advertising, it’s complicated. The application wants to maintain the attachment and commitment of users, but must also provide advertising solutions effective enough to attract and keep advertisers. Snapchat therefore broadcasts advertisements between stories and content developed by the media partners. But users of the app, especially the younger ones, have the wicked tendency to zap these ads very quickly – “often in less than a second” – to access the expected content.

The Swipe Stuck for 3 Seconds

To curb this problem, Snap Inc. could therefore – according to AdAge – apply the same recipes as YouTube (TrueView ads). The app plans to no longer allow skip of Snap Ads, for a period of 3 seconds – where YouTube blocks the zap of these ads for 5 seconds. Then, users could swipe on the side to access the following stories.

Stories Stayed

Snapchat could first test this format with some advertisers to evaluate its relevance. If these advertisements, not skippable for 3 seconds, convince Snap Inc. and advertisers, the company could decide to deploy them in the videos made by the media partners rather than in Snap Ads placed between the stories of friends – to limit the irritation of users.

Better visibility for advertisers

Recall that according to the MRC (Media Rating Council), two seconds are needed for an advertisement to be considered as “view” – and many video advertisements, on Snapchat as on Facebook, do not reach this time yet very short. Deploying non-skippable ads for 3 seconds could help meet the advertisers’ need for visibility.

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