Samsung Galaxy 7 is better smart than iPhone 

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According to the Consumer Reports 2017 ranking, even the 2016 Samsung Galaxy S7 is a better smartphone than the Apple iPhone 8. Despite a score equivalent to that of the last flagship Apple, the Galaxy S7 is more recommended thanks to its superior autonomy and the best quality of calls. A feat for Samsung, and a humiliation for Apple. 

The US magazine Consumer Reports specializes in recommending products for the general public. His role is to direct the consumer to help him choose the right products. As 2017 comes to an end, the publication reveals its ranking of the best smartphones of the year . It is important to understand that the Consumer Reports ranking is intended to indicate the most recommended devices for the public, namely those that offer the best value for money.

In first place of the Consumer Reports ranking we find the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus . Released at the beginning of 2017, these two Samsung flagship flagships have not been surpassed by any other smartphone in the eyes of Consumer Reports and therefore remain the best smartphones of the year with a score of 81. the opinion of this magazine, Samsung has won the annual flagship battle against rival Apple.

Galaxy S7: Samsung is one year ahead of Apple
In fact, Samsung did not just outdo Apple. The South Korean has literally crushed his competitor with a lap ahead, since even the Galaxy S7 of 2016 arrives ahead of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. Indeed, last year’s Samsung flagship ranks third with a score of 80. The iPhone 8 receives the same rating, but Consumer Reports has chosen to give the advantage to the S7 for its better autonomy and Superior call quality.
In fifth and sixth position, we find the Galaxy Note 8 and LG G6, with a score of 80 also. It would seem, therefore, that Note 8 on its side did not really win the attention of Consumer Reports specialists. The exorbitant price of the Galaxy Note 8 is probably a good start of explanation. Anyway, we can only salute the prowess of Samsung with the Galaxy S7. This flagship is one of the few smartphones compelling enough to stay on top of the league table for two years in a row, so it should be on the mind for a few more years.

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