Philips attacks OLED in force with 5 televisions equipped with Google Assistant in 2018

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Philips invited us to discover its strategy for 2018. The opportunity to see that the OLED is now the queen technology in its midst, supported by the intelligence of Android TV and Google Assistant.

Philips invited us to Amsterdam to show us his plans for the year 2018. The least we can say is that the brand has made its departure on the OLED in 2017 and intends to continue to enjoy this good momentum to conquer ever more consumers.

The impressive Philips 9002, which has won 21 awards since its release and was particularly delighted in test is the great inspiration of the brand for this year to come. The manufacturer presents three new models for its OLED range, now with 5 references including size variants.

Philips 873, 803 and 973: 2018 under the sign of OLED

These are the Philips 873, 803 and 973. These are not intended to replace the 9002, but to complete it. They all benefit from an OLED panel, as well as from the famous P5 image processing we had previously discovered .

Philips 973

The Philips 973 is not unknown, since it is the model presented at IFA 2017 and making its debut here in Europe. This one keeps its magnificent 65-inch screen at the striking brightness and the very right contrast, covering 99% of the color gamut DCI-P3.

Its greatest feature is to have a built-in sound bar licked design, covered with Kvadrat fabric. This is a sound system with 8 speakers that can send 6.1 sound, which can be reoriented to suit both conventional users and those who like to mount their screens on the wall.

Philips 803

The Philips 803 stands out on the technical sheet by the sound, since it integrates 3 loudspeakers on the back of the device. But it is especially on the design that it is noticed, since it focuses on minimalism.

Here, the great soundbar also serving as a base is replaced by two very discreet feet, on which the mark is affixed. It does not appear on the frame of the television, and for good reason: it thinks that its design differentiates it enough not to be confused with another. Its image quality is just as stunning.

Philips 873

The brand does not go out of their way to introduce it, and we’ll do the same: a new 65 “version is now planned.

All this allows the brand to expand its offer on the OLED, and will allow it to reach a wider audience. After a small excursion on the side of the Quantum Dot, the message is here clear: it is on this technology that will rest the future of the manufacturer.

Google Assistant and Ambilight as forces

All of these televisions will benefit from HDR10 +, the new free standard of rights that promises to process the image frame by frame for an ever more striking rendering. It will be deployed from the second half of 2018 on the 8000 and over ranges.

Smarter TVs thanks to Assistant

Of particular interest to us is of course Android TV. The brand continues to rest right on the OS, without being a single second cooled by the difficult beginnings of the platform developed by Google.

These efforts pay off, as the evolution of the interface makes it even more attractive today, making many manufacturers join its ranks from now on. As early adopter Philips is one of the best-known now, and will therefore benefit deploying Google Assistant across its 2018 range.

This deployment will begin with the release of Android TV 7.0 Nougat. Next are the steps taken by Google at the server level, with a first Assistant deployment in English followed by other languages such as French, German, Italian or Dutch, for which the dates of availability are still a little fuzzy since not mastered internally.

This integration of Google Assistant is not done in haste, on the contrary: Philips ensures that the TV is fully controllable by voice, ignition to the advanced control of Ambilight. As a bonus obviously to control the other connected devices of your home, as would do a Google Home .

Note that Android TV 8.0 Oreo is not yet adapted, for lack of a more complicated adaptation on these products having particular characteristics (TV tuner for example). Philips, however, promises news by IFA 2018.

To support this effort, a second remote control will be provided as a bonus for the classic remote control on premium models. Called Easy Remote, it is a simple “stick” with simplistic keys (volume, home, previous) and an audio button dedicated to the control of TV by voice.

Ambilight meets the connected home

Philips Hue is obviously in the game. During a demonstration, we saw the TV connect to various lights scattered over an area, as a bonus of the Ambilight built into the television. Once the video was launched, it was the entire light sources of the room that adapted dynamically to the viewing: finished the latency problems noted previously with this feature, thanks to the making available a new API .

Interconnection is of course not limited to the Philips solution. Opening the Google platform requires, these TVs can also control any Assistant compatible device. What set the mood of his room to the film watched without any problem.

The mark also found that Ambilight was one of its strengths in the market. According to his observations, 9 out of 10 people who have already taken advantage of the solution return there for a new purchase. On the 2018 range, illumination is now constantly ensured on 3 points: left, right and up.

Release dates and prices of Philips TV news 2018

If the prices of all these slabs are not yet fixed, we have some launch windows. The Philips OLED 873 65 “will be launched in the first quarter, while the 803 in 55” and 65 “will be launched a little later in the second quarter.

For software updates, all Android TVs in 2018 will benefit from Google Assistant. For the 2017 range, only TVs with an MT5596 chipset will be affected, namely the 6412, 6482, 7502 series and more.

If your TV does not have a remote control with microphone, it will still be possible to control the wizard by text. The release of a new remote control incorporating a microphone is not considered for the moment for these models.

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