GOOGLE to remove pirated content 

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Google has removed nearly 3 billion links pointing to pirated content on its search engine. This deletion is not the US giant ‘s own initiative since it comes from a claim from the rightful claimants that must be approved by the firm that ensures that the link in question points to content that infringes the rights of others, author. Most of the time these are illegal download sites similar to The Pirate Bay, T411 or Zone Download that are targeted.

Illegal download sites such as T411 or Download Zone are in full swing , but this does not prevent the right-holders from doing everything to diminish their influence on the web. This goes through a simple procedure with Google that proposes to dereference links pointing to content in violation of copyright. Naturally, there is a verification procedure, nevertheless the Mountain View firm responds favorably to 90% of the requests, out of 3 billion of requests there are thus 9 links out of 10 which have been suppressed.

Google: nearly 3 billion links pointing to pirate content removed from the search engine
The demand is rising sharply highlights our colleagues of TorrentFreak which reports that every day there are 3 million links that are submitted to Google. The file hosting service is on the first step of the podium with 66 million links to remove alone. Rights holders also fear that their action will be a sword in the water, indignant at finding links in another form on the search engine and asks for automated tools to help them fight illegal downloading.

Zone Download and several other pirate sites risk in France a complete dereferencing of the search engines and a blockage in the operators. The fight against piracy comes in several ways, however as we often see the battle seems endless since the clones of the sites that are closed return quickly as was the case with that of T411 which met a huge success .

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