Google Search Console alerts sites without Favicon in high resolution

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Google added a new Google Search Console alert, this time about the favicons that some sites use and that are still old and smaller for their site.

The Favicons ( as you can see in the window of this page you are reading ) are icons created and / or used by the designers of the websites.
The favicon is more and more recognized and displayed in the browser ( for example in the address bar and in the tabs ) or in the bookmarks ( for example in the Safari browser bookmarks Apple ), or even taken directly by FTP software or reading RSS feeds to quickly and easily identify sites .

The use of the favicon has become widespread and is now of some importance in the completion of a site and the image of the company communicating its favicon.

Without having been standardized, this concept has been adopted by all graphic browsers. The Web page now specifying its icon directly in the header with a code of the type:

After having modified the image resolution of the AMP articles Google is now attacking the resolution of the favicons.

So he started sending email notifications and via the Search Console to some webmasters to inform them:

In other words:

Google’s systems have been unable to detect a high-resolution favicon for your site.
Our study has shown that providing a high resolution favicon ( 192×192 ) can double the number of clicks on surfaces such as Chrome New Tab or Android Home Screen.

Missing icons or blurry images generated by extending the low resolution icon, degrade the user experience and may dissuade the user from visiting your site again from these surfaces.

In short, Google finally asks all webmasters to create a favicon of 192 pixels on 192 pixels against 16×16 or 32×32 before.

You will notice that Google refers specifically to Chrome New Tab and the Android Home Screen.

And this, to say that a user can add your site or page to his screen. Android home and that your favicon will have to adapt to the size of the other icons of apps to allow to find easily your site.

So, go ahead, feel free to update your favicon according to the latest dimensions ( 192×192 ) provided by Google in its notification.

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