Google offers an online educational program to learn machine learning

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Spearheaded by Zuri Kemp, Technical Program Manager, Google launches a free online education program accessible to all, to allow everyone to learn machine learning. Baptized Learn with Google AI the program provides many resources so that each profile can learn more about the basic concepts of machine learning, develop and perfect its skills and set up its projects, from beginner developer to confirmed practitioner.

An initiative to raise public awareness of artificial intelligence

According to Zuri Kemp, artificial intelligence is the future of computing. At the head of the machine learning education program, she states that “this initiative was launched in the hope that artificial intelligence and its benefits would be accessible to everyone. Artificial intelligence can solve complex problems and has the potential to transform whole industries, which means that it is crucial that it reflects a wide range of human perspectives and needs. That’s why part of Google AI’s mission is to help everyone understand how AI can solve difficult problems, so that anyone interested in machine learning can succeed. “

A multitude of resources available

Videos, courses, documentation, tutorials, interactive exercises … Learn with Google AI puts many resources made available by its experts for all levels, from “curious cat” to researcher, through the student, the manager, the software engineer or the data scientist. A filter allows each profile to choose the resources to study according to its level and the stage it wishes to address:

  • The development of the idea
  • Data collection
  • The preparation of data
  • The construction of the model
  • The evaluation of the model
  • The deployment of the model

Note that Google also provides another online course called “Machine Learning Crash Course” (MLCC) consisting of exercises, interactive visualizations and instructional videos. Developed by the firm’s training engineers, this course is a quick and practical introduction to the principles and fundamentals of machine learning for Google employees. His success within the teams has prompted Google to make the course accessible to all. Up to now, more than 18,000 Googlers have enrolled in the MLCC, applying lessons from the course to improve camera calibration for Daydream cameras, create a virtual reality for Google Earth, or improve the quality of the camera. streaming on YouTube.

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