Facebook introduces new software pro Oculus Dash, a new toy virtual reality that is neither more nor less a computer without a physical interface.

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Say goodbye to your desktop. Say goodbye to all your short computers. After presenting Oculus Go, a virtual reality headset can operate without being connected to any device, Facebook invests our workspaces with Oculus Dash, a software that turns your physical working configuration – computer, tablet or other device – in a table edge virtual reality with which you can interact physically.

According to Nate Mitchell, Director of the Division Oculus Rift, this kind of software would be on track to finally replace our computer screens. What we bring in a second technological revolution devoid of any physical interface, that of Zero IU.


At the extreme, the Zero IU involves an invisible user interface and without display where natural gestures trigger interactions, as if the user was communicating with another person.

– Andy Goodman,

Designed and democratized it a few years ago by Andy Goodman Designer, the term Zero IU refers to a case where our movements, our voice, our eyes and maybe even our thoughts – by definition – could lead us to interact with our environment without the intervention of any physical means; click, keystroke or other pat we have on our everyday peripherals.


The end computers would sign the advent of portable use tools, much more intuitive and less cumbersome in our workplaces. The question is when we will be ready to cut the cord with our wide range of media, including smartphones and tablets!

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