careful, they are useless and even dangerous for your computer

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Should I install or not an antivirus? This is the big question for many users, but in doubt, most of them install it. Bad news, according to an expert at the Mozilla Foundation, antivirus is useless. Even worse, they are dangerous for your computer.

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In a blog post, Robert O’Callahan, former developer of the foundation Mozilla (originally the browser Firefox) has sounded the alarm about antivirus.He says they are not only useless, but more dangerous for your computer.It explains that “publishers antivirus software is appalling “ and warned users without any hint:

Do not buy antivirus software, and uninstall it if you have one (except for Windows for Microsoft).

As you can see, if you use a Windows computer, you can already delete all your antivirus. Attention, this concerns the users of versions of the Microsoft OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with Windows Defender. According to Robert O’Callahan, all other third-party antiviruses are to be avoided for several reasons.

Antiviruses are dangerous

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The first reason mentioned by the former developer at Mozilla is that Antiviruses finally do more harm than good to your computer The expert does not spare his words:

In the best case, there is not enough evidence to show that the major antiviruses that are not provided by Microsoft offer a real gain from the point of view of security. They are more likely to be detrimental to security.

He is not the only one to make this kind of comment. On Twitter, Justin Schuh, security manager of the development team of Google Chrome explains that antivirus is the “ main obstacles to offer a secure browser” . O’Callahan takes up this thesis by explaining that antivirus programs are coded anyhow, which would make the task extremely difficult for publishers and developers of browsers. It reveals as follows:

Antivirus software has blocked Firefox updates several times, preventing users from obtaining important security patches.

Even worse, according to the former developer of Mozilla,

antivirus software introduces themselves flaws in software that was healthy until they were installed. He writes:

When your software crashes at startup due to interference from the antivirus, users blame your software, not the antivirus.

According to him, if software publishers like Microsoft do not react to this kind of inconvenience, it’s because they have to collaborate with the antivirus vendors.

Uninstall your antivirus and focus on good practices

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As we explain it to you often, the antivirus does not There is nothing obligatory .It is enough simply to multiply the good practices to be able to use its computer in complete security, this rule applies

also to Android .Thus, it is recommended to do well the updates of your operating system and especially to pay attention to the websites you frequent and especially the content you download.Finally, regarding your emails, the utmost caution is required.If you have any doubt about an email, it is better not to open it, so be one of those who use an antivirus?

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