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Android-based, there are different ways to secure his smartphone and protect his personal data. Since version 5.0 of the system, Google has introduced an option of automatic encryption of data. This possibility is in addition to many others: the definition of a locking method, solutions for blocking access or data concealment. Without forgetting the most basic provisions to protect oneself from the viruses.

 To secure to protect smartphone

To the Like computers, smartphones are home to most of our sensitive data. Securing must remain a reflex, especially knowing the ecosystem of Android that is not reputed to be the safest Whether it’s

protecting your private photos encrypting your data, blocking access to a particular application, or just protecting your smartphone from malware, here are the solutions that ‘offer to you.

Securing Your Android Smartphone: Encryption

 Block access to applications

The simplest way to protect your Android smartphone is to define a locking method with encryption of the device. But this is not always enough.There are quite known applications that block access to specific content (applications, files, folders) by setting a password.

Thus, even in Assuming that someone is accessing your smartphone, they will not be able to access your SMS, Gallery, Facebook Messenger, or other apps if they are locked.A multiple access blocking apps are available on the Play Store. they can be cited : Lock (AppLock) and CM Locker which ensure very well this task.

The other reflexes to protect his smartphone

On computer as on smartphone,

the reflexes to protect oneself from the viruses and hackers but also for protecting his privacy are almost the same:

  • Keep your system up to date
  • Choose complex passwords or use a password manager effective
  • Protect yourself from phishing attacks by avoiding clicks on email attachments from questionable sources
  • ] Install an antivirus and keep the virus database up to date
  • Avoid installing applications from unknown sources
  • And why not, use a secure email to encrypt your conversations

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