Amazon Alexa will serve as universal translator in real time as in Star Trek

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The Alexa of Amazon will soon be able to serve as a translator in real time, as we can see in Star Trek, the famous classic of science fiction. According to our colleagues Yahoo Finance, Amazon wants its intelligent assistant, who equips the Echo speakers, to translate real-time complex sentences into a given context.

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Currently, Alexa may already translate short sentences from one language to another, as the Google Assistant or Siri already does, Amazon wants to push this feature even further, in the same way as Google l did with the

Pixel Buds, who are able to translate 40 languages in real time For the time being, the languages supported by Alexa should boil down to German, Italian, Spanish English and French.

Amazon Alexa: artificial intelligence become universal translator

Unlike Pixel Buds, Alexa can improve the relevance of its translation depending on the context and culture of each language. As you will understand, Alexa will not translate an exchange between two friends as she will translate a more formal dialogue. In the same way, Alexa will be the perfect guide for the wanderers. If you enter a restaurant or bar in China, just tell Alexa where you are. It will offer you the most appropriate dialogue for your situation.

In the future, Amazon also wants his Alexa to be able to translate a discussion of several people in real time. « To achieve our ambitions, we will need to deploy Alexa on multiple media. So you can converse Alexa wherever you are “ explained Alexa Vice President Al Lindsay. Artificial intelligence will not remain eternally partitioned to the walls of its enclosure, the Amazon Echo . At the last news, Amazon’s Alexa will be able to speak French as early as April 2018 . In your opinion, which tech giant will manage to create the perfect translator first? Google, Apple or Amazon?

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