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Today we present you, a platform for connecting advertisers and publishers. The purpose of the service? On the one hand, help advertisers gain a better Internet audience by collaborating with influential sites in their industry. On the other hand, allow site publishers to increase their revenue, a win-win system regardless of the user’s profile. The site connects 2000 influential publishers with 500 active advertisers. Overview of a service that can be very convenient for brands …

Announcer Side

Creating a Campaign Simply

Linkjuice allows you to create a campaign simply and in a few clicks. You will first have to enter the URL of your site and the category of it. Once it’s done, you can choose between 2 modes of creation: self-service, or let Linkjuice take care of everything.

Fashion “Linkuice manages everything”:

In “Linkjuice manages everything” mode, the services are listed, detailed and accompanied by a tariff. For each desired service, all you have to do is indicate the desired quantity. A generator automatically calculates and tells you the total at the bottom of the page. Simple, practical and fast.

Among the possible services: Directory (submission of your site to a directory), Article Start (article of 300 words at least on a standard site), Article Medium (article from 300 words on a site of the same theme as yours), Articles Premium (Article of at least 500 words on a site with a high traffic), Articles on Google News (Article at least 500 words referenced on Google News

Rates range from 20 euros for the directory service to 499 euros for a premium article on a site with heavy traffic.

Once your confirmed services, you have access to the second step: the “Brief”, which allows you to enter a detailed brief and indicate the anchors and URLs to promote in the type (s) of article (s) selected.

Self-Service Mode:

More complete and less automated, this mode allows those who wish to keep control of their campaigns. First step to perform: search for sites adapted to your visibility needs. To do this, you can search by keywords in URLs, choose a category among those offered, choose a language in particular (German, English, Spanish, French or Italian) or configure advanced filters to guide your search. A list of sites is proposed to you at the bottom of the page, where they are classified according to the offers proposed: sponsored article, link in an existing article or in home page. The list of sites is relatively exhaustive and includes sites with a beautiful history and a large audience.

The platform also gives you the scores of “Trust Flow”, “Citation Flow” or the Alexa score. Obviously, the greater the reputation of the site, the higher the cost of a content will be.

The 2nd step is to inform the brief. You have the opportunity to negotiate the price and offer a price lower than indicated.

You can choose to write the article yourself, or leave it to the chosen site. A text editor is integrated into the platform to inform your content. If you wish to entrust to the selected site the writing of the desired article you can indicate the anchor, the URL which is associated with it, the possible Title tag …

You You can also add a desired delivery date, possible instructions and whether or not to validate the content before publication. Again, a summary will allow you to make the point before validation.

Use Linkjuice to outsource its content writing

Linkjuice also allows you to externalize your content through a purchasing section of content. To place your order of texts, title your order, then indicate the number of texts and words by text in the generator for this purpose. As in other modes, the “Brief” and “Summary” parts will appear in the process. The price is again quite reasonable: 45 € for 300 words.

An easy-to-use and ideal platform for sharing its content

the use, the publisher part of Linkjuice is really easy to take in hand and very effective. The selection of proposed sites is exhaustive, and covers many needs. The platform allows above all to meet a triple objective: work on its SEO by making netlinking, work its notoriety with sponsored content on premium sites, outsource the creation of its content. Note that the prices are those of the market, and that the commission of the platform do not feel on the price.

Côté Publisher

Linkjuice is addressed to the advertisers, but also to the publishers who wish to monetize their site. Again the service is very simple, and its operation transparent. You can keep your hands on everything and choose to validate each mission, and negotiate the price. You also keep a certain confidentiality, the advertisers have access to the names of the present sites only if they are serious and have funds on the platform. In manual mode, you will receive 70% of the mission’s budget. If you let Linkjuice take care of everything (writing, validation …) you receive 50% of the price of the mission.

Add a site to monetize

To do, go in the “My sites” section then click on “add a site”. You can then add the URL, the name, the language and a description. You must then add a category and enter the traffic, either by allowing Linkjuice to access Google Analytics or by manually entering it.

Whether advertiser side or publisher side, Linkjuice is really convincing. The platform makes it easy to connect with influential sites, but also to quickly monetize the audience. To try Linkjuice, visit this link registration is free.

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